Régilait Quality Selection

Traceability control quality

Régilait is a subsidiary of the two leading French milk co-operative companies and we have complete control over the whole journey taken by our milk, from the farm to the finished product. Having control over our supply chain enables us to guarantee the traceability and the high quality of Régilait products.

Régilait employs a heating and drying process which is kind to the milk. The process was designed to leave the organoleptic and functional characteristics of the milk untouched as much as possible.

Research Development Partnerships

Régilait’s R&D Department works in close collaboration with the manufacturers of machines in order to be in a position to provide products which are ever more in line with the requirements of trade clients.


In order to provide consistently high and unfaultable quality and to develop new products suitable for your markets, Régilait has been investing in R&D for over 60 years (Régilait is notably the company which invented powdered milk with instant dissolution).

Customer Care Listening to Customers’ Needs

Our sales teams are at your disposal to answer any questions you might have, meet your requirements and adapt to your needs.

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