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Owner and/or publisher of the website: REGILAIT
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Publisher’s address: RN6 Les Jonchets 71118 SAINT MARTIN BELLE ROCHE
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Publishing Manager: Corinne Fabre
Telephone number: marketing.cfabre@regilait.fr

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Details of a general nature
This website is accessible at the following address: www.regilait.com/pro (hereinafter referred to as “www.regilait.com”).

Observations and suggestions
It is possible to send observations and suggestions to the person in charge of the website at the following e-mail address: marketing.cfabre@regilait.fr.


Any and all persons who access the website www.regilait.com undertake to abide by these terms of use, which in respect of certain services can be supplemented by special terms. Data circulated on the internet and extranet networks can be governed by regulations in terms of use or be protected by ownership rights. Any and all persons are responsible for the data which they circulate, use and/or transfer and undertake in this regard to comply with applicable French regulations, in particular those pertaining to content which is manifestly illegal (paedophilia, incitement to racial hatred, etc.) and to the protection of the rights of third parties (intellectual property rights, etc.). The publisher is not responsible for the use of data, for the content circulated or for the services of another person which, in particular, do not comply with applicable regulations.

Access to the website
The website www.regilait.com can be accessed by users twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, unless otherwise indicated. Régilait may not be held liable for any technical unavailability of the connection, whether said unavailability arises out of a case of force majeure, out of maintenance, out of an update, out of changes to the website, out of an action by the host, out of an internal or external strike, out of a network failure, out of a power supply cut, and also out of improper configuration or use of the user’s computer.



Personal data collected
In France, personal data is notably protected by Act no. 78-87 of 6th January 1978, Act no. 2004-801 of 6th August 2004, Article L. 226-13 of the Penal Code and the European Directive of 24th October 1995.


  • “User” refers to “an Internet user connecting, using the website www.regilait.com”;
  • “Personal data” refers to “data which enables, in any form howsoever, directly or otherwise, physical persons to whom it applies to be identified”.

The personal data of users of the website www.regilait.com:

  • Is neither collected or published without the knowledge of the user;
  • Is used by the operator of the website www.regilait.com, which is responsible for processing, for administrative and business management ends, and also by the business partners and subsidiaries thereof.

As things stand under current legislation, Régilait is allowed to carry out surveys on and statistical analyses of the use of and the typology of users of the website www.regilait.com, provided it confirms the anonymity of the latter.

During the course of browsing on the website www.regilait.com, the following data is notably collected:

  • The URL internet addresses of links through the intermediary of which users accessed the website www.regilait.com;
  • Users’ internet service providers;
  • The technical configuration of browsers.

As things stand under current legislation, Régilait is allowed to carry out surveys on and statistical analyses of the use of and the typology of users of the website www.regilait.com, provided it confirms the anonymity of the latter.

During the course of the contribution of Internet users in respect of sections on the website www.regilait.com, the following data is notably collected:

  • Names, email addresses, postal addresses, telephone contact details, ages, numbers of children in households. This data is gathered for the needs of the services provided by the website www.regilait.com. Users provide this information with full knowledge of the implications, in particular when they enter it themselves.
    In the latter case users of the website www.regilait.com are informed whether the information they are to provide is of a mandatory nature or not.
  • IP addresses, connection dates and times.

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6th January 1978, you have the right to access, correct and delete your personal data, which can be exercised by sending to Régilait:

  • An email to marketing.cfabre@regilait.fr or
  • A letter to the attention of Régilait / Service Consommateurs, RN6 Les Jonchets, 71118 Saint-Martin-Belle-Roche, France, and specifying your name or your corporate name, your physical and/or electronic contact details, and also where applicable the reference number you have as a member of the website www.regilait.com.

Use of electronic mail
If you wish to use the electronic mail provided to you on this website, you are hereby informed that the secrecy of correspondence sent via the Internet is not guaranteed.

This website requires the placement of a cookie on your computer.
Generally, such cookies record information relating to browsing habits on the website on users’ computers (the pages you viewed, the date and time of viewing, etc.) which Régilait can read during the course of your later visits. When users have registered for the website’s services, it enables such users to be automatically logged in without them having to re-enter their user names and passwords each time they log in.
Régilait hereby notifies you that each user can prevent “cookies” from being stored by configuring their browsers.

Intellectual property
All material on the website www.regilait.com, in particular texts, presentations, illustrations, photographs, downloadable documents, representations in the form of icons, trademarks (registered by Régilait or possibly by one of the partners thereof), tree diagrams and layouts are, apart from documents in the public domain and additional details, the exclusive intellectual property of Régilait or of the partners thereof. As such, the representation, reproduction, nesting, circulation or re-circulation thereof, in part or in full, is prohibited. Any and all persons doing so without being able to produce evidence of prior express consent from the holder of these rights may be punished for the offence of infringement. Moreover, the representation, reproduction, nesting, circulation or re-circulation thereof, in part or in full, of the database contained in the website www.regilait.com is prohibited by virtue of the provisions of Act no. 98-536 of 1st July 1998 on the legal protection of databases. Under all circumstances, any and all authorised copies of all or part of the content of the website must carry the notice “Copyright 2009 – Régilait – All Rights Reserved”.

Validity of the information provided
Should users provide information, users undertake:

  • To provide real and accurate information which is up to date at the time of entering in the service registration form, and in particular to undertake not to use false names or addresses, and also names and addresses without being authorised to do so;
  • To keep registration data up to date with a view to ensuring at all times that it is of a real, accurate and up-to-date nature;
  • Not to provide or distribute illegal material, reprehensible material (such as libellous or obscene material) or harmful material (such as viruses).

Should one of these provisions be violated by a user, Régilait shall be able to suspend or terminate such user’s access to the services and such user shall be deemed to be exclusively in the wrong.

Limitation of liability / Conduct of users
Users expressly accept to use the website www.regilait.com at their own risk and under their exclusive liability.
The website www.regilait.com provides information to users on an indicative basis, as is, with the imperfections that it includes. Moreover, such information must be taken into consideration at the time they are put online and not at the time the website is visited. Under all circumstances, Régilait can in no way be held liable:

  • For any and all direct or indirect losses, in particular with regard to loss of earnings, shortfall in earnings, loss of clientele, or loss of data which amongst other things may arise out of the use of the website www.regilait.com, or to the contrary from not being able to use said website;
  • For a malfunction, for inability to access the website, for improper use, for improper configuration of a user’s computer, and also for the use of a browser which is not commonly utilised by a user;
  • For the content of advertisements and other links or external sources which can be accessed by the user from the website www.regilait.com.

Users undertake not to circulate remarks, opinions or material of a libellous, obscene, violent or racist nature and, less specifically, material which contravenes applicable French legislation or the rights of persons and breaches standards of good taste and decency.

Hypertext links
Any and all webmasters who wish to create a link from their websites to the website www.regilait.com must obtain express prior consent by requesting permission to do so via the e-mail address. Under all circumstances, a webmaster who creates a hypertext link undertakes not to use the deep linking method, a method by which the pages of the website www.regilait.com are nested in the pages of such a webmaster’s site.

Users who are redirected to the Internet page of a third party via a hypertext link on the website www.regilait.com acknowledge that Régilait does not control the content of the redirection websites. Consequently, Régilait can under no circumstances be held responsible for any possible direct or indirect losses arising out of the use of websites which can be accessed via the hypertext links contained in the website www.regilait.com.

Advertising status of content
Under all circumstances, Régilait where applicable notifies Internet users of the advertising status of the content contained in the website www.regilait.com. The website www.regilait.com may contain advertisements. Régilait can under no circumstances be held responsible either for the content of such advertisements or for the consequences of any possible contractual relationship between users of the website www.regilait.com and the persons responsible for such advertisements.

Use of contact details listed on the website
Régilait hereby prohibits the use of contact details listed on the website www.regilait.com with a view to sales canvassing, the sending of advertising messages and any and all other commercial purposes.

Modification of terms of use
Régilait reserves the right to modify these terms of use at any time. In which case, the applicable terms shall be those in force on the date of your connection to the website.

Applicable law
Use of this website is governed by French Law, to the exclusion of any and all other legislation.