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REGILAIT powdered milk: real milk, quality milk!

Milk collection

Régilait powdered milk starts out as quality cow’s milk collected from dairy cooperatives. We pay special attention to protecting the environment, the humane treatment of cows and outstanding hygiene standards.

Gentle and respectful milk processing

The milk is analysed, filtered, “skimmed” (fully skimmed, semi-skimmed or left whole depending on the type of milk required), pasteurised and then concentrated at 70° in a vacuum.

Drying the milk

The milk is sprayed in a fine mist into hot, dry air to prevent any potential development of bacteria. The powdered milk obtained in this way is humidified and then dried and sifted to ensure the powder dissolves perfectly in hot or cold liquids.


The powdered milk comes in straightforward, recyclable packaging, which is easy to store and transport and preserves all the nutritional qualities of the milk.
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