The great idea which changed the lives of the French

Dairy cooperatives join forces under the name of France Lait and come up with a brilliant idea: to create milk which can be kept at room temperature, since French people do not have fridges at the time. Powdered milk is born.



Hello Régilait, hello skimmed milk

The Régilait brand is founded and gains immediate popularity in France with its skimmed powdered milk, which is easier to digest!



France Lait launches a range of infant formulas

To feed babies all over the world, France Lait develops a range of infant formulas which are still sold today in many countries.


Régilait, star of the small screen

The first advertisement is broadcast on TV on 1 October, just before 8.00 pm.
And so begins a long adventure in advertising…

Régilait 1968


The arrival of great taste, condensed

This is the year Régilait sweetened condensed milk is created… Everyone loves this delicious tube!



Régilait Régilait... the legendary jingle forever associated with the brand

Everyone in France knows it and loves to sing along. “Régilait Régilait, léger, léger au petit-déjeuner…”. Catchy, right?


Régilait leads the dance on TV

With Régilait, you’ll feel great all over, and you’ll want to show it. Video evidence exists!

Régilait 1982


The saga continues

Impressive legwork and Olympic fitness featured in this new advertisement.

Ecremez votre forme


Every dog has its day

How about a little humour with your breakfast with a new ad campaign?



The next generation of powdered milk with power: Régilait Tonus!

Régilait Tonus yesterday… Régilait Calcium today! Enriched with calcium, vitamin D and protein, for super strong bones!



Régilait you can take anywhere

Consumers are changing, and so is Régilait. To accompany them everywhere, milk has gone mobile: the little Nuage de Lait® portion cup and the Voile de Lait® stick have arrived… so handy for your quick coffee breaks!



Totally new, totally organic

Nature lovers discover their new favourite powdered milk, the organic, light and tasty version.



Régilait can now be found in hot drinks vending machines

Did you know that vending machines always contain powdered milk, not liquid milk? Professionals very quickly realised the superpowers of our superhero milk.


Our farmers take the pledge!

To offer you the finest milk quality, our farmers pledge to respect the environment, animal welfare, hygiene and traceability. And all for your benefit!


Birth of the sturdiest of all our powdered milks: Régilait Calcium!

Enriched with calcium, vitamin D and rich in protein… Hi, it’s me, my name is Régilait Calcium!


IFS Certification

Every year since 2007, Régilait has obtained IFS (International Featured Standard) certification. This certification was created in order to:

  • – provide consumer with healthy products
  • – give retailers an assurance of food safety
  • – meet the requirements of EU hygiene regulations


Nuage de Lait® portion cups go XXL

Almost twice as much milk for twice as much enjoyment, that’s the promise of Nuage de Lait® Maxi portion cups. Exciting news for latte lovers.


Hello “special dessert” condensed milk

For all those with a sweet tooth, Régilait launches its “special dessert” skimmed sweetened condensed milk, which is sweet, creamy and an ideal enhancement for all desserts.



On-trend innovation

A flexible 150g sachet, handy for the office, on holidays, or for students… Little powdered milk sachets join their little friends in the sweet goods section at supermarkets.

Régilait mon lait en poudre


Mini tube, maxi pleasure

Condensed great taste that can be taken anywhere. Handy and easy to slip into a bag thanks to its small format. Children’s snacks, sports refreshments, coffee breaks at the office… We all have a good reason to love it.

Régilait 2012 - Mini Tube Pocket de lait concentré sucré


First drinks vending machine

It’s a revolution! Régilait creates it first gourmet drinks vending machine, coffee-shop style.


Régilait goes strawberry and vanilla

This is a year of gourmet innovations. First, Régilait launches mini vanilla and strawberry-flavoured tubes, then the first soft milk portions compatible with the SENSEO® system; This innovation is protected by a worldwide patent.



When good taste reaches new heights

Launch of the most popular tube in the Tartines & Desserts range: Salted butter caramel with Guérande sea salt! A recipe that combines the goodness of milk, the sweetness of caramel and the distinctive character of Guérande sea salt… Mmm, delicious!

That same year, Régilait turns its hand to cooking!

Since our powdered milk is so ideal for cooking, it fully deserves to be on TV.

Régilait spot TV Astuces 2014


A new certification

Régilait obtains FSSC 22 000* certification, recognised by the GSFI**. In practical terms, this attests to the reliability and efficiency of its food safety management system. Yes, we have it all covered at Régilait!

* Food Safety System Certification
** Global Food Safety Initiative


New developments at Régilait!

The Tartines & Desserts range expands with hazelnut chocolate: 51% full-fat milk, no palm oil (no oil of any kind in fact).

Régilait obtains HALAL MUI certification for several products. Well done!



A fantastic year

The 300g tube of Tartines & Desserts salted butter caramel wins the 2017 Grand Prix for Contemporary Cooking. We’re extremely proud!

Milk & Speculoos joins the Tartines & Desserts gang. It immediately wins Flavour of the Year, just like its big brother, salted butter caramel.

We’re also celebrating our 70th birthday… What an occasion!



Gourmnet delights on the agenda in 2018

Régilait continues its trajectory! In 2018, there were no fewer than six new products!

Three delicious Régilait Organic powdered drinks, two Régilait Frappé choco latte and café latte cans, and a milk chocolate spread in a jar produced by a French master chocolate maker. Yummy!



A maaaarvellous idea!

Goat’s milk is a new addition to our range of powdered milks. Mild and flavoursome, it is ideal for drinking on its own or for use in cooking!



Welcome, newcomers!

Veganism is the latest trend… Régilait just launched 100% plant-based powdered almond milk.
As part of the range of Calcium & Vitamin D-enriched milks, consumers may now choose between Skimmed and Semi-Skimmed milk.



Filling up on tastiness!

Régilait Pocket Coffee just joined the family of flavoured sweetened condensed milk mini tubes.
And there’s more…
Introducing the quickest hot chocolate in the world! Just add water and serve!



A new advert in Régilait’s image around simplicity and sharing

Slices of everyday life, foodie products that make life easier for comfort, success, bringing together, and so much more. A new film, new music, and a brand new signature that will breathe new life into a brand that never stops surprising.

Publicité Régilait 2022 - "Bien plus que du lait"