How to glaze pastry without using eggs

To give your pastry a perfect golden glaze without using any eggs, brush it with a pod of Nuage de lait before it goes in the oven.

The glaze makes tarts, pies, biscuits and pastries more attractive and produces a golden, glazed crust.
The unsweetened condensed milk glaze produces a less golden but shinier crust compared with a glaze using whole eggs or egg yolks.

The glaze can also be used to stick two pastry sheets together, to stick the edges of the pastry down and for turnovers, pies, etc.

Which product should I use?
A pod of Régilait Nuage de lait.
Nuage de lait is unsweetened condensed milk in individual pods (7.5g). This is the ideal quantity to replace an egg.

Soak the brush in the pod and brush it over the surface of puff pastry, turnovers, pies, pastries, buns or biscuits…. ensuring it doesn’t run off down the sides, before placing them in the oven.

For Danish pastries, brush with the glaze twice: once before the last time you leave them to rise to prevent them from drying out and a second time just before they go in the oven.

To stick two sheets of pastry together, brush the edge of the pastry and add the second layer on top, then press down using your fingertips.

What quantity should I use for the perfect glaze?
One or two pods of Nuage de lait or one pod of Maxi Nuage de lait.

A few words of advice:
Make sure you do not glaze the edges and sides of puff pastry! This prevents it from puffing up properly during cooking. Glaze only the top of the pastry.

Don’t have a pastry brush?
Pour a small amount of condensed milk over the surface and then use the back of a teaspoon to gently spread it out.

We do not recommend using sweetened condensed milk since this tends to go too brown. On the other hand, you could use it on your pies, biscuits and pastries as soon as they come out of the oven to make them even shinier.

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