How to make creamier mashed potato

To make your mash creamier, replace all or half of the milk with unsweetened condensed milk.

Unsweetened condensed milk is the “secret ingredient” which makes mashed potato creamier and tastier than ever before!

Which products should I use?
Régilait full-fat or semi-skimmed unsweetened condensed milk.

How to make really creamy mashed potato
Warm up the unsweetened condensed milk in the microwave and then add it to hot mashed potatoes.

What quantity should I use?
The same quantity as milk or half milk/half unsweetened condensed milk, as you like.
It’s best to add the unsweetened condensed milk little by little until you get the consistency you require.

Some words of advice for making perfect mashed potato:
Use the right variety of potato: Amandine, Charlotte, Bintje, etc.
Joël Robuchon, the French king of mashed potato, recommends using the Ratte du Touquet variety!

Should the potatoes be peeled before boiling or not? It’s up to you!
If you peel them, they should then be cut into pieces of a similar size.
If you decide not to peel them, you need to choose potatoes of the same size.
This will ensure they cook uniformly.
To cook them uniformly, start by covering them with cold, salted water.
Then bring them to the boil and simmer until they are soft.
Above all, make sure you drain them well.
You could even heat them up a little in the saucepan to “dry them out” and ensure all the cooking water has evaporated.
The condensed milk should then be warmed up before adding it to the mashed potato.
Use a potato masher or vegetable mill, never a blender! Blending makes the mashed potato gluey. Always mash the potatoes when they are still hot and then season generously.

Great idea:
Add a bay leaf, thyme and/or a garlic clove to the cooking water to give the potatoes a delicate flavour.

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