How to make thick and creamy yoghurt

To make great home-made yoghurt, add 4 to 5 dessertspoons of Régilait powdered milk to your usual recipe.
Only Régilait powdered milk will make your yoghurt thick and creamy! A few spoonfuls change everything, except the taste!

The basic recipe is simple and exactly the same for all yoghurt makers (or even if you are making yoghurt without using a machine):
1 litre milk + 1 yoghurt or sachet of starter culture

Which type of powdered milk should I use?
We recommend Régilait full-fat powdered milk, but you could also use Régilait semi-skimmed powdered milk.

Use a whisk to mix together the yoghurt, liquid milk and powdered milk.

What quantity should I use?
3 to 5 dessertspoons of Régilait powdered milk mixed into the liquid milk.

A few words of advice for successful home-made yoghurt:
The texture of yoghurt varies depending on the type of milk you use: with full-fat milk, it will naturally be thicker and firmer. So you could use just 3 dessertspoons of powdered milk.
It is harder to make yoghurt using skimmed milk. The yoghurt tends to be too runny, even if you do add some powdered milk. We do not recommend, therefore, using skimmed to milk to make yoghurt.
The type of starter culture you use will also have an influence on the consistency of the yoghurt.
If you use a yoghurt, you should choose one that is as fresh as possible and use set yoghurt instead of stirred yoghurt to make sure your recipe works well.
For your first attempt, use a high-quality shop-bought yoghurt.
After that, you can use one of your home-made yoghurts, but only for a maximum of 4 to 5 times in a row because the starter culture stops working after a while. This means that your yoghurt will start to become less firm, maybe even a bit gooey.
Make sure, therefore, that you use a shop-bought yoghurt from time to time.
If you use starter culture sachets, you can use home-made yoghurt every time, provided that the starter culture and yoghurt are fresh.
The same principle applies here too. That is, the yoghurt used to start off the growth of cultures must have been made only a few days ago.

If your yoghurt is still too runny:

  • Try changing the starter culture or using a shop-bought yoghurt
  • Increase the quantity of powdered milk used
  • Increase the fermentation time for the yoghurt (which varies according to the type of liquid milk you use)

Extra advantage: Régilait powdered milk makes the yoghurt milder and less acidic.

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