How to make your chicken crispy and golden

Golden, crispy chicken wings sound really good, don’t they?
Régilait powdered milk gives chicken skin a lovely golden colour. All you need to do is roll the chicken pieces in a mixture of powdered milk and flour before cooking them. This will make the skin crispy and the chicken soft, tender and moist!

Which type of powdered milk should I use?
You can use Régilait semi-skimmed or full-fat powdered milk.

What quantity of powdered milk should I use?
Equal quantities of flour and powdered milk.

Mix the flour with the powdered milk.
Cut the chicken breasts into strips, season and coat them in the mixture.
Fry the chicken in a hot frying pan, over a medium heat, with a little fat.
Avoid pricking the chicken with a fork, otherwise the juice will run out and the chicken will become too dry.

Regilait - Our wonderful golden colour tip

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