How to replace cream for healthier cooking

This is a great idea for cooking lower fat meals:
Replace all or half of the cream with unsweetened condensed milk. For delicious gratin dishes!

Thanks to the way it is processed to make thicker, creamier milk, unsweetened condensed milk can be used instead of cream for your home cooking.
It contains 8 times less fat than full-fat cream so there’s no longer any need to deprive yourself!
It does have a distinctive taste, but this generally disappears during cooking.

Which product should I use?
Régilait semi-skimmed unsweetened condensed milk.

Use it in the same way as you would cream.

What quantity should I use?
Unsweetened condensed milk can be used in equal quantities to substitute cream or you can use half cream, half condensed milk for most recipes.

For which recipes?
– Quiches and savoury tarts;
– Gratin dishes;
– Milk puddings and clafoutis, crème brulée, panna cotta, etc.
– Sauces;
– Mashed potato and pureed vegetables;
– Marinades;
– Curries; it can also be used instead of coconut milk and coconut cream, which contain quite a lot of fat. All you need to do then is add a little desiccated coconut to give the curry a coconut flavour. The advantage is that you can make the coconut flavour as strong as you wish this way!
– And plenty of other recipes besides….

Extra advantages: Unsweetened condensed milk withstands cooking better than cream, which can curdle when boiled.

Unsweetened condensed milk can sometimes even be used to replace some of the butter in cake recipes. Here is a delicious example with Régilait brownies.

People often used low-fat cream to replace full-fat liquid cream… But most low-fat creams contain additives: stabilisers, homogenisers, thickeners… whereas unsweetened condensed milk is pure milk and nothing else!




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